From Madrid to the Cotswolds by train

I can’t pretend to enjoy flying. It’s noisy, stressful and horrendously bad for the environment. On my last journey to Madrid, I took the ferry from Portsmouth to Santander and the train on from there. The ferry crossing itself took about thirty hours spread over two nights (with an evening departure and an early morning…… Continue reading From Madrid to the Cotswolds by train

Implicit none

The first programming language I ever learned was Fortran. And before you ask, no, I’m not seventy years old. It just so happened that during my undergraduate degree, I took two courses on numerical methods for physics which were taught in Fortran, and for good reason: Fortran is still one of the best languages to…… Continue reading Implicit none

My first N months as a postdoc (where 0 < N < 12)

How long have I been a postdoc? It’s a little difficult to quantify. I finished my PhD thesis in December 2020, and submitted it in January 2021. I passed my viva in February 2021. I spent a few months climbing the walls waiting for my Spanish visa, and trying to do research at the same…… Continue reading My first N months as a postdoc (where 0 < N < 12)


It turns out my goal of writing a post every day for thirty days was indeed too ambitious! I’m both time- and content-poor at the moment, so I’ve revised the five posts I did make into a new “daily” category, to which I’ll add short updates on my work and what I’m doing on those…… Continue reading Britgrav21

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Using a Jupyter notebook to make presentation slides

I’m in a strange kind of limbo at the moment. I’m not being paid, since I can’t sign my new contract without being physically present in Spain. And, until the 30th of March, it was physically impossible to enter Spain unless you were a Spanish resident, since the borders were closed due to Covid restrictions.…… Continue reading Using a Jupyter notebook to make presentation slides