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The first programming language I ever learned was Fortran. And before you ask, no, I’m not seventy years old. It just so happened that during my undergraduate degree, I took two courses on numerical methods for physics which were taught in Fortran, and for good reason: Fortran is still one of the best languages to…… Continue reading Implicit none

My first N months as a postdoc (where 0 < N < 12)

How long have I been a postdoc? It’s a little difficult to quantify. I finished my PhD thesis in December 2020, and submitted it in January 2021. I passed my viva in February 2021. I spent a few months climbing the walls waiting for my Spanish visa, and trying to do research at the same…… Continue reading My first N months as a postdoc (where 0 < N < 12)


It turns out my goal of writing a post every day for thirty days was indeed too ambitious! I’m both time- and content-poor at the moment, so I’ve revised the five posts I did make into a new “daily” category, to which I’ll add short updates on my work and what I’m doing on those…… Continue reading Britgrav21

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Using a Jupyter notebook to make presentation slides

I’m in a strange kind of limbo at the moment. I’m not being paid, since I can’t sign my new contract without being physically present in Spain. And, until the 30th of March, it was physically impossible to enter Spain unless you were a Spanish resident, since the borders were closed due to Covid restrictions.…… Continue reading Using a Jupyter notebook to make presentation slides