The distance duality relation

The distance duality relation tells us how, assuming that photons propagate on null geodesics in a pseudo-Riemannian spacetime and that their number is conserved, luminosity and angular diameter distances are related, via where dL is the luminosity distance, dA the angular diameter distance and z the redshift. This relation was introduced by Etherington in 1933,…… Continue reading The distance duality relation

Paper day! Madrid week seven

Today my first paper as first author came out on the arXiv! You can check it out here: In this work, we reconstruct a coupling function between dark matter and vacuum energy. Such models are generally motivated as solution to problems such as the Hubble tension, so we were keen to update our previous…… Continue reading Paper day! Madrid week seven

Constraints on the interacting vacuum — geodesic CDM scenario

At the very end of February, I published my first paper. In this post, I want to provide a brief, non-technical overview of what we* were doing in this work and the results we found. The manuscript is currently under review at MNRAS but you can view the preprint here: The aim of this…… Continue reading Constraints on the interacting vacuum — geodesic CDM scenario