Standard sirens, Cobaya and Beethoven’s 9th: Madrid week two

As of tomorrow, I’ll have been in Madrid for two weeks! Time really does fly. The weather is still freezing and there’s fresh snow on the hills behind campus (as you can hopefully see in the header image, which I took on my commute this morning). This week I made a proper start on the…… Continue reading Standard sirens, Cobaya and Beethoven’s 9th: Madrid week two

Studying abroad in Madrid: the first week

Hello! If you’re reading my website for the first time, I’m a third year PhD student from the University of Portsmouth, working on testing and constraining models of interacting dark energy. If you want to know more about my research, you can click here for an overview and here for some more in-depth information. However,…… Continue reading Studying abroad in Madrid: the first week

COSMO19 in Aachen

This week I travelled to Aachen on the western border of Germany for the COSMO19 conference hosted by TTK, the theoretical physics department of RWTH. The conference, which occurs yearly in different locations around the world, has a very broad scope ranging from particle astrophysics to theoretical cosmology. Conferences are an important and fun part…… Continue reading COSMO19 in Aachen

Congres des Doctorants — a week in Paris

Last week I attended the 26th annual Congres des Doctorants organised by students of the STEP’UP Doctoral School in Paris and hosted at the Institut de Physique du Globe, near the Pierre and Marie Curie campus of the Sorbonne. The doctoral school comprises physics and geosciences students from almost every university in Paris and I…… Continue reading Congres des Doctorants — a week in Paris

A collaborative week in Leiden

I spent the past week at the Lorentz Institute, the theoretical cosmology part of the physics community at Leiden University. My collaborators there are fellow members of CANTATA, an EU COST-Action that is mainly focused on creating and testing alternative theories of gravity, and I was awarded my second STSM (short-term scientific mission) by CANTATA…… Continue reading A collaborative week in Leiden

Slow progress — but progress nonetheless

This week I’m in the Netherlands, visiting colleagues at the Lorentz Institute at Leiden University. Leiden is a beautiful place– a scaled-down, tourist-free version of Amsterdam– and the institute is nice too. It’s the oldest theoretical physics institute in the Netherlands and has played host to many greats of the field, including Ehrenfest, Fermi and…… Continue reading Slow progress — but progress nonetheless

2017 Summer Schools

My PhD has (almost) officially begun, and this summer I attended two summer schools in preparation for the year ahead. The first was STFC’s Introductory Summer School for students in astronomy and related disciplines, and was held over the course of a week at the University of Manchester. There was a relaxed programme of events…… Continue reading 2017 Summer Schools