I’m a cosmology postdoc at IPhT CEA Paris-Saclay.

I’m working on the exploitation of gravitational lensing and gravitational waves as probes of dark energy and dark matter. I am also interested in statistical challenges in cosmology, such as the effective use of Markov chain Monte Carlo sampling for parameter inference and model comparison techniques.

In the past, I’ve worked on models of interacting dark energy in which the vacuum energy and cold dark matter are coupled, leading to a possible growth of the vacuum through a decay of dark matter. I’ve also recently worked on standard siren and strongly lensed supernovae forecasts, and their applicability as probes of the distance duality relation.

You can read my published papers on all these topics here.

My career in brief:

For more information, you can read and download my CV here.

For regular updates about the science I’m doing, plus other topics I find interesting, you can read my blog here.

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